2021 Commemorative poster contest winner

Painting of lavender fields with a bicycle
18"x24" prints of the 2021 Commemorative Poster will be available for purchase at the Festival. $20 each.

Winning Artist

Julie Peterson

Julie Peterson

Oils on Canvas and Hardboard

Julie now resides in East Wenatchee, WA. She is a self taught artist.  She can remember her love for art as early as seven years of age, sitting  and drawing horses for hours. Her career as a full time artist began in  1996. She has been in many art shows in the west and lead her as far away as Oklahoma. 

Julie loves painting scenes from all over Washington. She feels this is a  great state that offers everything an artist could ask for. As a Washington artist she has been collecting photo research for many years  and now wants to begin to Plein Air Painting. She plans to continue  exploring more of Washington. 

Her medium is in Oils on Canvas and Hardboard. She paints landscapes  and wildlife. Her style is defined as traditional realism. Each piece of  work has many hours of devoting layers of paint which gives each piece  its rich brilliant color.  

The challenge and new endeavors are what keep her spirits high. The ability to be creative and share what she does with others is a great gift  and honor and makes her very happy.

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